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Invite link: Click to add GOLDMINE and CO. to your server
GitHub repo: – please give it a star! 😀

This is Goldmine, a Discord bot that keeps things nice and snug.


  • Rich help
  • Many details
  • Pokemon!
  • Commands:
  • purge [channel] – Removes all messages sent by this bot in the specified channel.
  • Too many more to list.
  • Auto-conversation: start a friendly conversation with the bot!
  • Mentions work
  • You can also initiate it like goldmine heya there, you awake? and it triggers auto-conversation.
  • Dynamic bot names
  • DM conversations: have some fun here 🙂
  • Per-server bot name and command prefix 😀
  • Too many more to list.


Two-Click (Public Instance)

This method is extremely easy, but may not offer the best performance and/or reliability. Overall, better.

Just click this link: Click to add GOLDMINE and CO. to your server, select a server, click Done, and you’re all set! Easy as pie 🙂

You might want to set the command prefix for your server.
To do so, simply make sure you’re a server admin (Manage Server permission), and type:

  • !prefix $ for command prefix, replacing $ with your desired prefix.

Manual (Private Instance) (Selfbot mode available)

This method is more reliable, but harder to set up. It’s also required for selfbot mode.

Simply run python3 -m pip install -U -r requirements.txt to install all the basic dependencies of this bot.
For many more advanced features and speed improvements, use python3 -m pip install -U -r full_requirements.txt (this doesn’t work on Windows!).
For as much as you can get on Windows, use python3 -m pip install -U -r win_requirements.txt.
Note: If you’re on Windows, replace python3 with python in all the commands!

The bot will guide you through the setup, such as login.

Simply run python3 to complete the setup! This works for both bot mode and selfbot mode.

2 thoughts on “Goldmine the Discord Bot

    1. You can’t. The bot owner rank is only supposed to be for the owner of the bot (in this case, me). It’s too dangerous to give to anyone else as with it, you could do things like make the bot infinitely restart, delete all the files, and such.

      Most of the time, you won’t need it anyways.

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